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Waiting for the mail the past couple of weeks had been agonizing. It wasn't so bad while at home, but that's because he wasn't expecting anything to arrive at home. If only because he knew Andrew would open it out of curiosity at least.

Now at Henri's place, was a different matter all together.

He paced around Henri's room with a lit cigarette waiting for him to return. Henri promised it'd be just a moment.

It had been just a moment, right?
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Henri did come back after a moment, well, perhaps a couple of moments, carrying a letter in his hand and holding it up thoughtfully.

"Alec, Alec... Do you know any Alec, Sasha?" He chuckled and wrapped an arm around the other, holding the letter out of reach. "Why would they deliver a letter to an Alec here, what do you think?"
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"Just know him?" Henri laughed and pushed Alec back on the bed, holding the letter up against the light himself, although he was mostly focusing on keeping his boyfriend pinned down.

"I don't think that's enough. You'd be breaking law, Sasha. You don't want to go against the government, do you?"
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"Because they're infringing on your ability to do what you want, you dolt." Henri leaned down to kiss the tip of Alec's nose and shrugged, seemingly giving in.

"Oh, fine. If you ask nicely."
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"Alright, there you go." Henri handed the letter over and rolled to the side to allow Alec to actually open it.

"Better read it right away, I want to know, too."
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Sitting up as well, Henri leaned over to read the letter, finishing before Alec did and just watching his face for his reaction.

"I think you did, yes. I told you!"

He pulled him into a kiss immediately, possibly pinning him to the bed again in the process.