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He'd had the letter from the university sent to Henri's place. Somehow the two of them were still seeing each other despite Andrew's influence in the matter. At least despite Andrew inviting him over for dinner and dinner parties. It was the the only way he could makes sure that Andrew wouldn't see it first. He would have opened it first if Alec hand't gotten to it first.

Now that he had the letter and now that he had the good news, Alec wanted to surprise Andrew with it. The best time seemed to be while Andrew was at work. He'd talked to Andrew's assistant and got informed when Andrew stepped out for a minute.

Then he'd hurried up and found a good place to wait in Andrew's office. It was when Alec heard that Andrew was talking to someone that he decided to hide. It was stupid, perhaps, childish even, but he didn't want to share with anyone else.

So he'd wait until the discussion, whatever it was, to play out and then he'd reveal himself.

Not a hard thing to do at all.

Not a bad thing at all, except maybe Alec would get yelled at by Andrew for not being at work.
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Andrew came into the office, all business, face sterner than usual. There was a man with him, a fellow Alec had probably seen several times before, maybe even been introduced to, but who wasn't a normal member of Andrew's business parties.

"Sullivan," Andrew said, sitting down at his desk and gesturing for the man -- Sullivan, apparently -- to sit down on the other side. "There's something we need to talk about."

"Yes, sir?" Sullivan asked, his voice respectful, slightly hushed.

"I don't like this James Smith fellow. I don't like him at all. He's been sneaking confidential information out of my factories, trying to steal copyrighted material, intimidating my workers... At this point, he's a serious liability. I need him to be dealt with."

At this point, perhaps Alec would think Andrew was planning on firing someone. Andrew paused for a moment, looking around the office, considering carefully. Now might be the time for Alec to step out and show himself, or he was about to hear something he really wouldn't want to...
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"Any specifications for how you want it done?" Sullivan asks, leaning forward a little, chin in hand, looking at Andrew intently.

"Quickly," Andrew said, lighting up a cigarette, still sounding for all the world like he was talking about some kind of business deal. "It doesn't need to be drawn out or painful. Don't get his family involved. You know what a problem that can be."

Sullivan nodded, waited for him to continue.

"Tomorrow night, sometime after ten. You know where he lives. In and out, keep it under ten minutes. No evidence. Make sure to leave him somewhere nobody will find him for awhile."

"Yes, sir."

"Good. You can go. I expect a report as soon as it's done. Keep it vague on the phone. Just tell me if the job is successful."

With another nod, Sullivan left the office. Andrew leaned back in his chair, slight smile playing on his lips.
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To his credit, Andrew didn't recoil when Alec stood up, though the surprise was plain on his face. "What the fuck are you doing in here?" he spat, half-rising from his chair, and though it wasn't necessarily uncommon for Andrew to swear, the tone in his voice wasn't something he often displayed around Alec. No, it was the tone he used right before he ruined someone.

"I was doing business," he said, taking another drag on his cigarette. His voice was still tense, harsh, but he had sat back down at his desk, obviously attempting to remain as calm as possible. "Business that has no relation to you."
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"I said it didn't have any relation to you, and it never will. What did you want to talk to me about, and why did you think it could only be accomplished by hiding in my office?"

He knows what Alec has heard, and he knows that Alec isn't stupid. He'll figure out what Andrew was talking to Sullivan about, and he'll know that it probably wasn't the first time Andrew's ever had that conversation. Whether he's uncomfortable about Alec knowing the truth or not remains to be seen.
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Andrew ignored the first comment, shaking his head slightly. He's not happy that Alec had been hiding in the room when he'd said some incriminating things, but that was done. Now he needed to do damage control. He looked at the letter, smiling with genuine happiness. "Congratulations, Alec. Have you decided if you'll be going there?"

If asked, Andrew will say that Sullivan is his chief of security -- so of course Alec would have seen him around before. Admittedly, that's not the whole truth, not even close to it.
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"It's a good opportunity, of course, but don't feel as though you need to. I didn't attend college. Whatever you choose to do will be, I'm sure, more than appropriate."

He's being nicer than usually, maybe to throw Alec off the topic, maybe because he's impressed that Alec is showing some ambition and skill by getting into college.
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"Do they? That would be ideal for you. I've been impressed by your dedication to your music."

Yep, he's definitely laying on the approval thick. Trying to avoid the real topic at hand.
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"I told you, it was a business deal. One you have nothing to do with, and never will. It's not your business, Alec, and I want you to stay out of it."
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"Anything can be a business deal, Alec, if you can find someone who is willing to provide what you need for a price you're willing to pay."

He'll neither confirm nor deny that he's getting someone killed, because you don't say that kind of thing out loud.
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"You heard the conversation, since you were lurking in my office at the time. He is a liability for the company."
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"I know why he stole the information. He sold it at outrageous prices to one Mr. Sinclair, who is a fairly decent businessman, and therefore a direct rival."
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"Alec, there are times when it is completely appropriate to question my actions and demand further information. This is not one of them, so either put this out of your mind entirely, or at least pretend to. I won't be discussing it further."
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"Perhaps I made myself unclear. You may question my actions all you like, though it will only serve to displease me. However, I won't be providing you any answers, so it will be a lesson in futility."

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